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Visa to Kyrgyzstan 2017

Visa service to Kyrgyzstan from our company:
Visa support to Kyrgyzstan (tourism) – 70 USD per person
Group visa – 70 USD per person
Visa support to Kyrgyzstan (business) – 100 USD per person
Price of registration for foreign citizens- 10 USD per person
Prolongation of visa 6 month (business) - 350 USD

A list of countries of Europe and abroad with free visa entrance up to 60 days

The president of the Kyrgyz Republic Atambaev A. has signed a law of introducing a free visa regime for citizens of 44 countries within 60 days.
The law introducing of free visa regime for citizens of several states within 60 days became law and will be working till 31.12.2020 in case of realization of given aims in front law will be prolonged.
Australian Union, Republic of Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Vatican, The United Kingdom and North Ireland, Hungary, Germany, The Netherlands, The Greek Republic, The Kingdom of Denmark, Iceland, The Ireland Republic, Spain, Italy, Canada, Korea, Kuwait state, Latvia, Lithuania, Principality of Lichtenstein, The Great Duchy of Luxemburg, The Republic of Malta, Principality of Monaco, New Zeeland, Norway, The United Arabic Emirates, Poland, Portugal, The Saudi Arabia Kingdom, Singapore Republic, Slovakian Republic, Slovenia Republic, The United States of America, Finland Republic, France, Croatia Republic, Czech Republic, The Swiss Confederation, Sweden, Estonian republic, Qatar, Brunei Darussalam, The Kingdom of Bahrain
Nowadays the citizens of following countries may stay in Kyrgyz Republic on non-limited period of time without visa registration in Kyrgyzstan.
Russia, Moldova, Belorussia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Armenia, Japan, Georgia, China
Citizens of the following countries have a right to come in Kyrgyz Republic on limited period of time
Mongolia up to 90 days, Malaysia up to 30 days, Ukraine up to 90 days, Turkey up to 30 days
Uzbekistan up to 60 days


List of countries where citizens may get visa to Kyrgyz Republic in easy way (without visa invitation)


Andorra, Israel, Serbia, Albania, Cyprus, Venezuela, Argentina, Macedonia, Thailand, Bulgaria, Indonesia, The Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Montenegro, Chile, Romania, The Republic of South Africa, Sultanate Oman, San Marino.
Visa receipt
Kyrgyz tourist visa can be received in a consular department of Kyrgyz embassy in your country or in consular department of “Manas” airport of Bishkek city.
To get tourist visa for foreign citizens one should give diplomatic representatives or consular department in abroad. You will need the following documents:
• Passport expire date of which should exceed the period of functioning of visa no less than 3 month;
• Filled visa application according to sample should be in 2 duplicates;
• Two photos 3*4
Tourist visas are given on one month period on substantiated reason visa can be prolonged on one month
Note: the rates of consular duties are spread on consular actions, made during 4-10 working days. For making consular actions within 3 working days the rate of consular duty increases 100%. For making consular actions in days off, holidays the rates of consular duty increases 200%.

Registration for foreign citizens on Kyrgyz Republic territory

Foreign citizens and people without citizenship coming in Kyrgyz Republic over 5 working days period should be registered according to place of stay.
Registration of children less than 18 years old arrived in Kyrgyz Republic territory with parents or one of the parent should be registered automatically with parents (parent).
Free-registration people:
citizens of foreign states included in free-visa regime, if period of their stay is no longer 60 days (for citizens of Russia and the Kazakhstan Republic – 90 days).
citizens of foreign states who has easy visa regime, if the period of their stay is no longer 60 days;
Price of registration for foreign citizens: 10 USD per person.
Demands: passport (original) for one day.

Special permissions on visit of border zones

One should make a special permission to visit border zones control. These zones border with China and there are 6 zones on Kyrgyz Republic territory: area of Enilchek, the north part of Terskei Ala-too, from Ak-Sai on east till Juuku on the west, Chatkal valley and glacier Ak-Sai in Ala-Archa gorge.
The “Asia Expeditions” registers all necessary permissible documents including Pass zone of border control where there is Peak of Lenin. One should send a copy of passport and point the period of stay no later than 1 month before your arrival.
Price 10 USD per person.

Attention to the citizens of Russia

Citizens of Russia have free-visa entrance in Kyrgyz Republic.
Citizens of Russia may visit Kyrgyz Republic with foreign or local passport.
Registration. Citizens of Russia arrived in Kyrgyz Republic on period till 90 days are free from registration in the department of passport-visa control MIA Kyrgyz Republic. In case of stay over 90 days a citizen of Russia should be registered according to place of stay.
Trip with children. For children till 14 years old one should have foreign passport or birth certificate about citizenship in Russia, or foreign passport of a parent with information about child in it. If a child is a citizen of Russia till 18 years old who comes without parents or with one parent, one should have notarial certified agreement of both parents or a second parent on arrival of minor person.
II. List of countries where citizens – owners of diplomatic and official passports have free-visa entrance in Kyrgyz Republic till 1 month period on reason of both sides agreement.
Hungary, China, Turkmenistan, The Uzbek Republic, The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
List of countries where сitizens owners of diplomatic passports have free-visa regime of coming in Kyrgyz Republic (according to resolution of the government of Kyrgyz Republic №735 from 31.12.1999.)
The USA since 01.10.2000, Denmark since 01.12.2000, Spain since 01.12.2000, Italy since 01.12.2000, France since 01.12.2000, Germany since 01.12.2000.
According to resolution of government if Kyrgyz Republic № 262 from 04. 06. 2001)
Austria since 01.07.2001, Belgium since 01.07.2001, Greece since 01.07.2001, Luxembourg since 01.07.2001, The Netherlands since 01.07.2001, Portugal since 01.07.2001, The United Kingdom since 01.08.2001., Switzerland since 01.08.2001, Canada since 01.08.2001., Iceland since 01.09.2001, Norway since 01.09.2001, Finland since 01.09.2001., Sweden since 01.09.2001.


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