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Аренда Jong Tong 2014 №8

Asia-Expeditions has its own fleet of new modern tourist buses recognized by the world leader in the Yutong bus company, whose plant is located in China. All new buses are licensed to allow the vehicle to operate on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, an OTTS certificate and comply with the environmental class Euro4, passenger safety is provided at the highest level, as all new buses are assembled using modern European technologies.




Ordering a bus in Asia-expeditions you get



1 new bus


2 Excellent service at the highest level


3 Professional drivers with at least 10 years experience


4 Transport in good condition





 Jong Tong 2014/2014 GV is the most successful model of the manufacturer and is custom-made.




Rented bus has



1 Air conditioner with blower for each passenger individually with the ability to turn off


2 Baggage compartment of 12.5 cubic meters in which all baggage that you can carry


3 The bus is equipped with an independent suspension with air bags, which makes movement on it very comfortable.


3 51 full passenger seats + 2 seats for driver and guide


4 The seats of the new generation are equipped with two-point safety belts with adjustable backrest, besides the seat is extended into the aisle, which is very convenient on long journeys.


5 LED backlight system for each passenger


6 Liquid crystal monitors 19 and 17 inches with a DVD player installed, which is very helpful on long journeys


7 And most importantly, there is a refrigerator in the bus.






You can also order a professional tour guide, the cost of which is negotiated separately.



Технические данные авто: 
марка автомобиля Джонг Тонг
год выпуска 2014 г.
вид топлива дизель
тип кузова автобус
цвет серый
расположение руля слева
объём двигателя 12,5
КПП механика
привод задний
вместимость 50 мест
гос номер 7208ВС


Buses 49-51 seats  
    At one end of the At both ends
Bishkek Almaty 30000 35000
Bishkek Cholpon-Ata 30000 35000
Bishkek Karakol 35000 40000
Bishkek Talas 35000 40000
Bishkek Naryn 30000 35000
Bishkek Koi-Tash   10000
Bishkek Taraz 30000 35000
Bishkek Shymkent 35000 45000
Manas Airport 8000
Cost of 1 km 70
Cost 1:00 (min 3:00) 2500
The rent price of 1 day (09:00-21:00) 20000
Every day waiting to be paid as 100 km






You can book the bus

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