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Horse Riding Tour №2

Code A93

Tour program: To the footsteps of Lenin peak like thousands years ago.

Type of tour: Adventure


Kojokelen, Pamir Mountains, nomads, yurts, Lenin Peak, base camp of Lenin Peak, Tulpar Lake.

Day 1. Osh-Kojokelen 300 km.

Arrived to Osh we are invited by local people in house. Rest and breakfast. Transfer to Kojokelen village in center of Pamir. The road is not asphalted. In Kojokelen village we meet horse riders. Dinner and overnight at local people.

Day 2. Kojokelen-Kosh Moynok (4-5 hours of horse riding)

Early in the morning our horse riders start preparation of equipment, bags. After breakfast we go to Kosh-Moynok enjoying the wealth of Kyrgyz nature. Picnic on open air. We will have an opportunity to talk to local citizens. Then we go down to valley its quite difficult slope. After valley you will see unforgettable panorama of Kosh-Moynok valley. Our horse riders will leave us to set up a camp to our arrival. Dinner and overnight in tent.

Day 3. Kosh-Moynok-Sarymogol (5-6 hours of horse riding)

It will be long day. We cross small valley then go down to Kichik-Alay valley. Picnic at the bank of Sary-Mogol River. Small briefing before going on the road to Sary Mogol. We start again rising up to the valley on paths of Kyrgyz shepherds. We choose a good place to have dinner. Overnight in tent.

Day 4. Sary-Mogol valley the foot of Sary-Mogol valley (5 hours of horse riding)

We wake up early to meet several Kyrgyz families who rose up here in season time. They invite us to taste “kurut” (dried yogurt), dried cheese. Picnic. After this we will see herds of yaks that lives here all seasons. We reach finally Sary-Mogol valley. Dinner and overnight in tent (3800m).

Day 5. Sary-Mogol valley Sary- Mogol Lake (4-5 hours of horse riding)

The valley is very difficult. Actually the distance not long but the road is difficult. The valley is located on 4320m altitude. The view from valley is really beautiful. We will see small lakes down there. Half of day will take us to get glacier. Dinner and overnight in tent.

Day 6. South of Sary-Mogol valley. (5-6 hours);

In the morning we rise down along the river which comes out of the lake. We will be surrounded by the Pamir slopes. There are no bushes or trees over here. Cross several rivers. By the end we join finally to our yurt camp of local nomads. People are very hospitable here. They invite us to have dinner in national Kyrgyz family. We taste “koumis” fermented merit’s milk. The master of yurt will tell us legends of the Pamir, celestial horses. Dinner and overnight in yurt.

Day 7. Kara-Kabak valley (5-6 hours of horse riding)

Morning transfer to the west. We go up on hill 3900 m. Then we go down to small green field where we meet local people to have lunch. At the end of the day we reach Kara-Kabak valley. Night in tent 3026 m.

Day 8. Damjailoo valley (6-7 hours of horse riding)

In the morning we rise up again to Kashka-Suu valley. We move along river side to see juniper bushes. Arrived in Kok Jar valley 4120 m we start going down to Daimjailoo Lake and Koshkol. Make camp here. Dinner and overnight in tent 4000 m.

Day 9.

Free time day in camp. In this day we open the lake Damjailoo. We may horse ride around it or walk. Picnic on the hill to see the view. Dinner and overnight in tent 4000 m.

Day 10.

Short day.

Transfer to Tulpar Lake by horses. Picnic, we keep going to Tulpar Lake located at the footsteps the peak of Lenin 7134m. Dinner and overnight in yurt at the bank of Tulpar Lake 3500 m.

Day 11. Radial horse-riding

We horse ride 6-7 hours until we reach Lenin glacier. Picnic. Then we come back to camp located at the foot of glacier so we may watch the view clearly.

Day 12. Base camp to Osh; 300km 6-7 hours

After long adventure in the mountains we finally come back to civilization. We start going to Osh city. Lunch in local restaurant on the way to Osh. Arrived in Osh city we stay in guest house. Osh is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. We recently celebrated 3000 year anniversary.  We visit Suleiman Too ( the throne of Solomon) 200 m hill. Dinner in hospitable Uzbek family, where we may taste Uzbek national dishes. Overnight in guest house.

Day 13. Osh-Europe. flight early morning

Price per person 2015:

2 pax: 3000 USD

4 pax: 1900 USD

6 pax: 1600 USD

8 pax: 1400 USD

10 pax: 1300 USD

Sgl.spl: 70 USD

Best season for horse riding:

From mid-June till mid-September

 Price includes:

-       Meeting at the airport

-       Transport and driver

-       Mountain guide service

-       Full board

-       Accommodation

-       Rent of the horses and instructor

-       Horse porters

-       Admission to museums

-       Visa support

Price does not include:

-       Travel insurance

-       Airtickets and taxes

-       Alcohol and mineral water

Our horses:

Our horses are the Mongolian breed. We have the special contract with a horse farm, where horses are trained for alpine conditions. Our horses are not afraid to cross the river and go on the stones or rocks. They know how to walk in rain or snow conditions. In Kyrgyzstan it snows often in the mountains, even in summer, but our horses can produce grass in the mountains by themselves. Our horses are shoded . We guarantee that we have trained horses. Don`t try to take the horses out of the village, they can be not trained special in the mountains. We really know the bad experiences of using horses out villages.

888Saddles:The Kyrgyz people say: "You can have no horse, but be sure to have a saddle”. If you ask your neighbor for a horse it is common thing, but the saddle, he gives it to you with a great difficulty.Because it always cost much more expensive than a horse. Good saddle cost today two horses and can be used for a long time.


Professional mountain guides serve our horseback riding tours. Our mountain guides improve their skills with mountain guides from France every year. Knowledge of English is medium.


Our grooms perfectly know the roads and their horses. They tie horses very well and can find them in the morning without any problem.


When the group is of 2 people, our mountain guide can prepare the food alone. For a larger group, we take our mountain-trained cooks.


In the morning, customers help to take off their tents and prepare their things to load. After the breakfast, they can go to the track. The camp is gathered and clothes are load on horses. By lunchtime, a caravan of truck horses try to catch up the customers. Picnic and tea on the way, then the grooms set up camp before customers arrival. In the evening, dinner and briefing at the table. Grooms eat separately.

Level of riding:



  1. Sun-glasses
  2. Sunblock cream, 50 Spf
  3. Rain coat
  4. Hiking boots
  5. Spare socks
  6. Sanitizer
  7. Wet wipes
  8. Back-suck
  9. Warm clothes (sweater , wool socks , also  many tourists take thermal underwear
  10. Shoes, Riding boots not small ant tight, but not too large with a small heel and slightly corrugated sole officer calf boots or sneakers. For sport shoes is required - protective " tops ."
  11. The supply of cotton socks

Equipment from us:

  1. Mats  
  2. Table
  3. Kitchen equipment
  4. Kitchen tent
  5. Chairs  
  6. Table
  7. GPS
  8. Pill box
  9. Radio


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