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Culture and trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan


Day 1: Bishkek (760 m) - Sussamyr (250 km)
 Arrival at the airport of Bishkek. Welcome by the German-speaking tour guide at the airport "Manas". After you have rested, transfer to Sussamyr. The road follows the Kyrgyz Ala Too Valley before entering the Kara Balta Gorge, the tunnel entrance in the upper Suusamyr Valley. Here we enjoy the panoramic view of Sussamyr. Then we continue to reach the small village Koshomkul. There we visit the museum of a national hero who was able to transport more than 600 kg of stones.We stop on the bank of the Kökömeren river for picnics. Then it goes through the, in ocher tones shining Canyon to the shepherd village Kyzyl Oi. It is a small village located in a gorge with red, ocher cliffs. (1100 m)

Day 2 Kyzyl-Oj-Song Köl National Park (3016 m), (180 km-4 h)
Drive to the song Köl.Unterwegs a detour to the fascinating Kyzyl-Korgon gorge. Then we drive to the intersection, which extends into the wide valley of Jumgal. We will visit the administrative city of Chayk, where we will go shopping before the journey continues into the mountains to Son Son Lake (3016 m). We pass an open coal mine and cross the Kara Ketche Pass at 3370 m. At the end of the day we arrive at the Yurt camp, one of the pearls of Kyrgyzstan. Overnight in the yurt.

Day 3 Song-Köl
We walk south to see the summit of the Moldo massif. After the picnic, we descend to the lake and ride the horses to the holy place Tasch Döbö. For the nomads we can taste mare's milk (Kymyz-fermented mare's milk) and dried cheese. Overnight stay in the yurt, as on the day before (3016 m).

Day 4 SongKöl -Tasch Rabat (270 km-6 h)
We leave our yurt and drive to the Moldopass at 3380 m altitude. It is one of the most beautiful passes in our country. Then it goes down to the Kara Kujun valley. The journey continues along the river Naryn down to the valley Kurtka. Via Ak Talaa "White Fields" we travel further on the road to Naryn, the capital of the Oblast area. Before the last city to the border with China at the Torugart pass (3752 m), we make a detour to the ruin of an old fortress (Koschoj -Korgon). In the afternoon we follow the Silk Road to Kashgar. On arrival we will visit the famous caravansary Tasch-Rabat. Built in the 14th century, it was inhabited by a Khan and his personal guard, but could also accommodate traders. Overnight in a yurt (3200m).

Day 5: Tash Rabat
After breakfast we will hike towards Tschatyr Köl See. From there we look at the Chinese border. Continue to the pass at 3819 m altitude, with an incredible view. There we have a picnic. The hike takes about 9 hours, 16 km (round trip) .You can either ride a horse or hike. Dinner and overnight in the yurt (3200m)
Day 6: Tash Rabat - Kotschkor (250 km)
In the morning we start to Kotschkor. We pass the Dolon Pass at 3030 m. In the afternoon arrival in the small town. We visit an artisan family and make a carpet of felt together. In the evening, we will attend a folklore show there. Overnight in the guesthouse (1800m)


Day 7 Kochkor-Chong-Kemin (140 km - 3 hours)
In the morning transfer to Chong-kemin. We hike to discover the small canyon of Konorchek (weather permitting, 3 hours on foot round trip, 10 kilometers, 1450m-1693 meters). Afterwards we drive to the Chong-Kemin valley. Dinner and overnight in the guesthouse CBT Chong Kemin Jekshen (1800 m)


Day 8 Chong Kemin- Kalmak-Ashuu Pass (3400m) (6h hike)
2 - day hike to Yssyk Köl lake. In the morning we head south towards Kalmak Ashuu Pass (3400m). In front of the pass we stop on an alpine pasture to spend the night. Overnight in a tent (2200m).

Day 9 Kalmak Ashuu pass (3400 m) - Issyk Köl lake (1606 m) -Tscholpon Ata (6h hike)
In the morning we pass the pass. On the descent to Issyk Kul "Hot Lake" at 1600 m (second largest mountain lake after Lake Titicaca), we enjoy the beautiful view of the opposite Terskej Alatoo chain with the numerous peaks over 5200 meters. At the end of the day we reach our vehicle and drive along the north coast of Issyk Kul, another pearl of Kyrgyzstan.We stay in a hotel in Cholpon Ata, the big city of the sea.Leisure for swimming.

Day 10 Cholpon Ata- Karakol - (north shore of Lake Issyk Kul) (120 km)
Today we drive to the fourth largest city of Kyrgyzstan after Karakol (1700m). On the way we stop at the open-air museum (Petroglyph) of Cholpon Ata to better understand the discovery of Kyrgyzstan in the 19th century. 110 km further we visit the museum and monument of the famous explorer Nikolaj Prshewalskij. Later we visit the big bazaar of Karakol, where we can taste the starch soup "Aschlan Fu". The name of the dish derives from the Chinese "Liang-Fen" - a cold snack made of gelatinous starch noodles and the Kyrgyz word "ash" - for food. You can buy excellent dried fruits, honey or bacon. Then we will visit the Dungan Mosque and the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity. In the evening we visit a Uighur family, who has emigrated at some point from China. For you there is a wonderful opportunity to draw the pasta yourself with your hand.
Day 11 Karakol - Jety Oguz (41km)
With luck (Sundays only) we can visit the legendary cattle market in Karakol. Afterwards we continue to the valley Jethi Ögüz, where the "Red Rocks" and the "Broken Heart" are. Nearby is a sanatorium built in 1932. Dinner and overnight in the yurt near the river (1900m).

Day 12 Jety Oguz (18-22 km)
Day hike to the Oguz Bashi glacier, one of the highest peaks of the Terskej Alatoo range (5016 m). Picnic at the foot of the large peaks. Overnight stay as of the day before (1900m)

Day 13 Jety Oguz - Tamga (90km-2h)
Today's hike (approx. 15 km) takes us to the charming Chon Kyzyl Suu valley (Great Red Water). We walk a few kilometers down the road to the small house of astronaut Gagarin, then we climb to a pass at 2760 m. We drive along the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Dinner and overnight in a guesthouse in Tamga. (1685m

Day 14 Tamga-Barskoon-Syrty-Tamga (250 km-7h)
After breakfast transfer to Barskoon. Hike to the waterfall Barskoon, picnic. Then we pass the pass Barskoon 3819 m and reach the valley Syrty, the Kyrgyz tundra, altitude 3300 m We will visit the outskirts of Sarychach - the nature reserve, where more than 100 different species live. Back to Tamga. Dinner and overnight in a guesthouse. (1700m)

Day 15 Tamga - Bishkek (270 km - 4 h)
Breakfast. Departure by car to Bishkek. Stop in Bokonbaeva to discover the amazing life of the eagle hunters. We leave the shores of Issyk-Kul Lake, drive through landscapes with winding gorges back to Bishkek. Exit to the Burana Tower. Overnight in Bishkek in the hotel. (760m)

Day 16 - home flight

Date: from June to mid-October