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Lake Issyk-Kul


Legend  about Issyk Kul

  Many legends are put by the people how the lake "Issyk Kul" has appeared. It is one of them.

In ancient times on the place where now the mountain lake laps, there was a big and beautiful city. Once there was a great disaster - the strongest earthquake which hasn't spared neither a structure, nor people. The earth has fallen, and the formed hollow was filled with water. On the place of the city the lake was formed.

  It happened so that on the eve of a terrible earthquake, the group of young girls has left from the city to mountains to collect brushwood for a fire chamber. Only these girls have also survived. Every morning they began to come to the lake, to cry bitterly, and couldn't reconcile to loss of the relatives. Sitting ashore, they shed bitter tears which fell in lake waters. So many tears have been shed that the lake became bitter and salty. Old men say that the lake has buried many human destinies. Bitterness of grief and melancholy of those girls has found reflection in the name of the lake subsequently - Issyk - more hotly (as tears).

  Aksakals are elderly dear people - consider that character of the lake is similar to mood of those grieving girls: it happens silver-gray storming, roaring, silent and thoughtful, bewitching you the transparent waters of color of sapphire.

Kul- the lake in the Kyrgyz language.

Blue Pearl


In Central Asia, among the high mountains which are propping up the sky and nicknamed for it "Heavenly" which we know Tien Shan under the name the wonderful treasure is concealed.Call it not differently as "Blue Pearl". It is about the largest in the world the salty mountain lake – the Lake Issyk Kul that in translation means "the Hot Lake". On coast of Issyk Kul people as this nonfreezing lake, and actually small mountain sea, softens mountain climate since ancient times lodged and allows to grow up even the southern fruit. For example, grapes, apricots and peaches, walnut, pistachios and almonds.

  Thanks to nonfreezing warm water, in Issyk Kul there are on a wintering thousands of white swans and other migratory birds.This miracle of the nature at the height of 1609 meters above sea level is located. The sizes of the lake impress – 182 km from the East to the west and 58 km from the North to the south. Depth it will argue with many small seas – 702 meters in the deepest place. More than eighty mountain rivers bearing the waters directly from glaciers feed Issyk Kul. They impact salty relish to lake water, washing away on the way from rocks various minerals and dissolving them in the mass of water.