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Tour of the north of Kyrgyzstan for 12 days


Tour CodeB16


Nature of Kyrgyzstan


The purest mountain air, beautiful and pure lakes, spring water, snow tops of mountains and reserves-all this nature of Kyrgyzstan. Unique on the unique beauty different at all times years the mountain nature is the main richness of Kyrgyzstan. Uniqueness of the nature of Kyrgyzstan is caused by an inland arrangement of the country, remoteness from the seas and oceans and a high position above sea level. These and many other reasons have predetermined variety of natural complexes. Complex structure of a relief and unique ecological conditions promoted a big variety of an animal and flora. In the territory of Kyrgyzstan there is both a hot desert, and the coniferous and deciduous forests, and steppes, and swamps, and even places where in the winter air temperature falls to minus 40 degrees.
Mountains are the main part making all natural complex of the country. Many call Kyrgyzstan by the second Switzerland because of similarity of the nature of the Swiss Alps and the Kyrgyz mountains. But if in the Alps of Switzerland there is no place where has glanced the tourist's look, then the nature of Kyrgyzstan remains pure and untouched, and every year draws more and more attention of fans of the mountain nature. Powerful ridges, the wide closed and half-closed intermountain hollows define features of the nature and climate. More than 6,5 thousand glaciers form Kyrgyz Arctic. In the territory of Kyrgyzstan there is the highest point of all Tian - Shanya-Jengish Chokusu. Its height makes 7439 meters, and there is he in east part of the country. The top, the second for height, - Lenin Peak 7134 meters high, is on the Trans Alai Range in the south of Kyrgyzstan. In mountains it is possible to meet a great number of the rare and disappearing animals included in the Red List. Among them there are arkhara, the Central Asian otters, gray monitor lizards, red wolves, and the true master of the Kyrgyz mountains, a magnificent snow leopard. For those who at least once will see with own eyes the majestic nature of Kyrgyzstan, will never forget picturesque mountain lakes, the rough mountain rivers, falls, majestic rocks, curative sources and century glaciers.


Day 1. Bishkek – City tour (airport to Bishkek-35 km-40 min)

Arrive in Bishkek and transfer to the hotel. Early check in. Time for rest.

This entire day is dedicated to a guided tour of Bishkek. It includes visiting Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala-Too Square, the History Museum, National Philharmonic, and many others places of interest. But no tour of Bishkek is complete without visiting our Asian Bazaar. We will show it to you today and you will be able to take a lot of dynamic photos of bustling local life. This bazaar is a noisy and colorful tapestry of fabrics, produce, and people selling and buying goods. Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan, situated in the Chui valley in the northern foothills of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too range at an altitude of 700-900 meters above sea level. Bishkek is one of the largest cities in Central Asia and the largest city in Kyrgyzstan, with population of over 800 thousand residents. The most common languages spoken are Kyrgyz and Russian, and the city is home to a large Russian community.Bishkek is known for its variety of monumental Soviet architecture (Philharmonic, Government buildings, History Museum, Victory Square) but modern monuments depicting traditional Kyrgyz culture are also featured (Monument of Manas, Monument of Independence, etc) The city is also famous for being one of the greenest in the world, due to its countless parks and alleys, which make the town a nice place to live in the heat of the summer. Night in hotel. (alt.750m)



ü  Arrive in Bishkek

ü  Early check in+rest

ü  12:00-13:00 Lunch in national kind of restaurant-Jalal Abad chaikhana

ü  City tour (13:00p.m.-18:30 p.m.)

ü  Dinner in national restaurant (arzu)


Day 2. Bishkek-Chon Kemin (150 km-4h)

 Touch with picturesque nature and get the positive energy!

Today you will have a great opportunity to visit one of the beautiful places of Kyrgyzstan in Chui Valley. You will start from the Bishkek – which is the capital. On the way you will stop by Burana tower. On route to the gorge you will visit Burana Tower (an 11th century minaret) and an open air museum of Balbals (stone warriors). Burana is situated in Tokmok town. It is 88 km from the capital. Then you will go to Chong- Kemin. Chong- Kemin is situated in 150 km. to the east of Bishkek. Chong- Kemin is the nice dale, Including Chong – Kemin gorge, river and homonymous village. The river Chong –Kemin is going between two ridges Kungey and iLyi Ala-Too.The highest altitude of the ridges is 4000 metres!The length of the river is 116 km. The river runs along the bottom of the same name Chong-Kemin. At the bottom of the gorge is Chong-Kemin valley. Its width is 6 km and 12 km long. The whole valley is covered with green meadows, and along the slopes of the gorge rise fir forests.Chon-Kemin - is a paradise for fans and lovers of extreme tourism travel the scenic area. Here, everyone finds his own: whether dangerous spurs rivers or steep slopes, or maybe just enjoy the nature of Chong-Kemin. Night in family homestay. (alt.1800m)


ü  Transfer to Chon Kemin

ü  On the way visit Burana tower

ü  Lunch in farmer’s family. Visit farm 
Mushroom farm, fish, animals and agriculture.

ü  Visit national park of Chon Kemin

ü  Walking in the village and talk to local people.


  1. Hiking to Konorchek labirints (3 hours, +200m, 10km)
  2. Horse-riding in Chon Kemin (3 hours, need basic skills of hr)

Day 3. Chon Kemin-Karakol (300km-6h)

Today you will be transferred to the celestial Issyk Kul Lake, the second largest alpine lake in the world (1608m.above sea level). The lake is called "the pearl of Central Asia". For more than 1 500 years local people considered the lake to be a sacred one. You can come up to the lake and to see mountains all around it. Today you will drive along the whole northern shore and arrive to Karakol town. Also we will visit today a place with ancient stone patterns – petrogliphs. When you arrive in Karakol you will visit the Dungan mosque. One of its highlights is the fact that it was built in a Chinese style without using a single metal nail. The mosque will be followed by a visit to an old wooden Orthodox Church. Karakol - the best place for coastal research and trekking. The town attracts trekkers, hikers and climbers from all over the world for its picturesque and so pristine mountain landscapes. From the panoramic top of 3040 m above sea level, which is ski lift, beautiful views of the alpine lake Issyk-Kul, and the next five thousand meters (the highest peak on the ridge of Karakol - 5281 meters and a pointed peak horseman - 5173 meters). Night in hotel. (alt.1650m)


ü  Transfer to Karakol

ü  Rafting on the way

ü  Visit Cholpon ata petroglyphs

ü  Lunch in Cholpon ata

ü  Visit Ruh Ordo ethno complex

ü  City tour in Karakol including visit of Prjevalsky memorial complex.

ü  Dinner in Dungan family

ü  Night in hotel


Day 4. Day 4. Karakol-Jety Oghuz (45km-50min)

Djety- Ogyz is situated in the northern east of the Issyk –Kul lake. This is the " Seven Bulls " - is the name of one of the most beautiful places in the Tien Shan Mountains , which lie to the south -east of Lake Issyk - Kul . The mountain valley formed by the river of the same name , descending to the Issyk - Kul from the northern slopes of Terskey Ala- Too Square, skirts the famous resort , located at the entrance to the valley. The resort is based on the hot sulfurous waters, the healing power which has been known since ancient times. Here you can take a therapeutic water treatments. In the vicinity of the resort you can see the rare beauty of the rock bands "Broken Heart" and "Seven Bulls" ,composed of Tertiary ( Paleogene ) red deposits .There are many legends about this beautiful place. Night in VIP yurts (shower+normal wc).

(alt. 2000m)


ü  Transfer to Jety Oghuz

ü  Visit Dungan village (Chinese muslims) -> (how can you describe such a village?)
It is an agriculture village. There we will visit one of the houses and see the way of living of these people.

ü  Visit sanatorium

ü  Hiking to waterfall (+132,-142m), 4 km

ü  Lunch in the yurt

ü  Horse-riding games

ü  Dinner in the yurt


Da Day 5. Jety-Oghuz- Tamga (170km-6h)

Today you will spend your time in very nice place on the southern part of Issyk Kul Lake Tamga. Tamga - resort village on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake in the distance of 315 km from the capital of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek. In Tamga have guest houses, military sanatorium 'mark', belonging to the Ministry of Defense. Name and Tamga combination Tamga-Tash means "clear imprint on the rock." Boulder, split in half, its outline resembles a Kyrgyz yurt, surrounded by the inscription of the half-meter letters. On the way visit Barskaun gorge. The gorge is very interesting. In ancient times it was a Silk Road to China, now there is a gold mine, and we can see all tipes of nature in this gorge. Night in family of Old Russian alpinists. We will have real Russian sauna in the evening. (alt.1650m)


ü  Transfer to Tamga

ü  Visit Barskaun gorge

ü  Visit the Gold mine from outside

ü  Picnic

ü  Time for swimming

ü  Visit sanatorium of Tamga

ü  Sauna

ü  Dinner and night in guesthouse.



Day 6. Tamga-Kochkor-Naryn (330km)

Today we will drive to Kochkor village. This time we will drive along the southern shore of Issyk Kul Lake. On the way visit Skazka canyons. This is a great chance to see the whole lake from all sights. We will have a break in Bokonbaeva village, where we meet a local eagle-hunter. He hunts hares and foxes with the help of eagles (traditional way of nomads hunting). At the Kochkorka village you will meet a family that will show you the way of how national woolen felt carpets are produced. You even can create your own carpet together with them. Lunch in local house. After lunch we will drive along high mountains to the town of Naryn. It is situated right in the gorge. The high mountains, picturesque passes, and nomadic way of life make Kyrgyzstan an irresistible travel destination. Views of this mountain road are absolutely breathtaking. You will drive over Dolon pass at an elevation of 3030 meters. This day offers a great chance to experience the variety of mountains which make Kyrgyzstan so popular. On the route it will be possible to meet real nomadic families. Arrive to Naryn, check in hotel. Evening walking in the most beautiful city of Kyrgyzstan. Night will be in hotel.


ü  Transfer to Naryn

ü  Visit Eagle hunter

ü  Visit Skazka canyons

ü  Visit family in Kochkor

ü  Lunch in local family

ü  Evening walking in Naryn

ü  Dinner in restaurant

ü  Night in hotel


Day 7. Naryn-Tashrabat

After breakfast you will be transferred to the Tash Rabat Caravanserai on the Great Silk Road (Stone Castle from the 14th century). On the way visit Koshoi Korgon ruins. The building is unique. Tash Rabat is located at the very heart of Tian Shan Mountains.  Tash Rabat was built of stone blocks inside a mountain at an elevation of 3200 m above sea level. In total there are 31 rooms in the mountain. The walls are 1 m thick. There are also underground prison cells formerly used to incarcerate thieves in ancient times. There will be a traditional dinner and the night will be spent in yurts near Tash Rabat Caravanserai.



ü  Transfer to Tash Rabat

ü  Visit Koshoi Korgon ruins

ü  Visit Tash Rabat

ü  Lunch in Tash Rabat

ü  Walking

ü  Dinner in Tash Rabat

ü  Night in yurt


Day 8. Tash Rabat-Song kul

After breakfast we start our drive to the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan – Son Kul Lake. This lake is surrounded by mountains and it is the highest alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan, situated at an altitude of 3013 meters above sea level. Kyrgyz nomads started to come to this wonderful area with their families for rest and relaxation. Herders of the Naryn region come to the lake to use it as a pastureland. After our arrival, you will be free to explore and enjoy the virgin nature of the lake and its surroundings. Dinner and overnight is in nomadic collapsible dwellings - yurts. They are made of a wooden skeleton, covered with felt coverings.


ü  Transfer to Song kul lake by Moldo pass 3202 m.

ü  Walking down to the camp – 3h

ü  Picnic

ü  Walking up to petroglyphs

ü   Dinner and night in the yurts


Day 9. Song kul

Truly a magical mountain lake Son-Kul is located at an altitude of 3016 m above sea level in the Tien Shan mountain range .The lake, reaching a depth of 13.2 m in length, extends for 29 km, the width is 18 km .Since ancient times, this place was chosen for the camps to the shepherds of Kochkor , Naryn and At- Bashi . Using the shore of the lake as a pasture, they and their families spend their summers here . Like a huge bowl of sparkling , lake emits pearl shine in a setting of white mountain ranges. In summer, the water temperature rises to 11-12 ° C, from November to May the water surface of a frozen .You will not see a single tree for many a mile from the lake, but you have a unique opportunity to see placer edelweiss and many other rare colors. 66 species of water birds inhabit the coast of Son Nick, where they arrive in mid-May and continue through September . Waters is a unique field of research for bird watchers , especially for students of the vital activity of ducks. They are here , there are up to 14 species. Wild Coast is home to many species of predators ( snow leopard , red wolf , fox , etc).Hospitable shepherds welcome you as our dear guests in their tipi . Here you can quench the thirst of the Kyrgyz national drink - kymyz  It is prepared by a special process of mare's milk and has healing properties. Night in yurts. (alt.3050m)


ü  Participating in cattle moving home (sounds like fun J)

ü  Visit the most beautiful panorama from the Moldo pass 3450m

ü  Lunch in yurt

ü  Hiking to Song kul waterfall-1 hour

ü  Visit nomads yurts

ü  Dinner and night in the yurts


Day 10. Song kul Kyzyl oi

We will drive to the village of Kyzyl Oi which is situated right in the gorge. You will drive through Kara Keche pass 3384m The drive to Kyzyl Oi traverses over one of the most beautiful passes, along the top of a mountain. On the way visit Kyzyl –Korgon one of the beautiful places in Naryn region. It is not big village, but it has very nice nature and peaceful place. Night and dinner will be in a home stay. This is a very remote village. (alt.1400m)


ü  Transfer to Kyzyl oi

ü  Visit coal mine Kara Keche 

ü  Visit Kyzyl Korgon canyons

ü  Picnic

ü  Visit Kyzyl oi village.

ü  Dinner and night in homestay.


Optional: Hiking to Panorama of Kyzyl oi valley. +366m, -422m, 9.32km., 3h.


Day 11. Kyzyl oi-Bishkek

After meeting with locals, we will drive to the capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek city. The road to the city goes through the southern part of Kyrgyzstan. During your transfer be prepared for amazing views of impressive mountains and gorges. Today you will see panoramic views of Tue Ashuu pass which is more than 3000 meters high! This road is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Kyrgyzstan. You will have many photo stops so that you will remember this day. Fantastic roads, amazing views, nomads, high mountains; ensure your memories of Kyrgyzstan will last a lifetime. Dinner in the restaurant. Night in hotel (alt.750m)


ü Transfer to Bishkek

ü  Lunch on the way

ü  Check in hotel

ü  Visit Osh bazaar

ü  Dinner in the restaurant


Day 12. Bishkek-Europe


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