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Trekking in Tajikistan


Trekking (22 Days)


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Trekking: Fanskie Mountains


Fanskye Mountains continue Pamir Altay massif rising up in Tajikistan about ex capital of Tamerlane Samarcanse. The trip will take us to the center of the mountains, which have 8 peaks over 5000 meters on the slopes of which there are glaciers. We are going to spend 10 days with muleteers using the most wild and unknown paths. We will camp at the bank of different lakes with magnificent colors of water, you will have unforgettable memories. On slopes of the mountains, you may see juniper. Our way will be paved through dwelling regions villages of shepherds where you have an opportunity to meet all kinds of folks of Central Asia. You will be accepted as honorable guest according to old traditions of local nomads. At the end, you will enjoy seeing many beautiful cities of Uzbekistan: Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand, historical jewelry of Central Asia, which conceal an amazing architecture.



The main points of trip.


• 10 days of trek in the mountains of Tajikistan

• Glacial lakes of amazing beauty

• Visit of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand historical jewelry of Central Asia

• All entrance fees are included

Main points

Next 10 days we will submerge into beauty of nature. Average walks 6 hours on the path and off the path. Overall 15-18 km. Possibly, we will walk on hilly mountain vicinity similar to the Alps Mountains. Good paths paved by shepherds. Average altitude is 2500-3500 m above the sea level.

Common distance 8500 m i.e. every day we have to walk 850 m.

Day 1 Europe - Dushanbe

Day 2 Dushanbe - Churmash:

Arrive in Dushanbe. Check in hotel. In the morning, we head for Chourmash. We keep going on the road in the narrow valley to see tops of mountains. We keep walking until Chourmash village where we meet our team of mountain tourist walking tour. The road will take 5 hours. 140 km. Overnight in guesthouse.


Day 3 Trek Chourmash – Sangul Safed (2520m):

Our caravan goes at first day to mountains where tadjik shepherds live. We cross traditional villages Pasroud and Margouzor then Immat valley before we join to Sangul Safed to camp.

Night: Camp

Time of walking: 5-6h

Difference in altitude: +650 m

Difference in altitude: -30 m


Day 4 Sangul Safed – Alaoudin Lake (2735 m):

We go on the path, which rises up to Bodkhona valley (3445 m). to rise down on luxury bank of Alaoudin lake. Where you will enjoy with sharp peaks of Bodkhona (4500 m) and Tchapdara (4200 m). We put our camp at the bank of the lake. The route will take 6-7 hours of walking approximately 12 km.

Night: Camp

Time of walking: 6-7h

Difference in altitude: +1130 m

Difference in altitude: -915 m


Day 5 Moutny lake – Chimtamga glacier – Alaoudin Lake:

Surrounded by mountains. We go up to Mountny Lake (352 m) (4 hours). The lake is surrounded by many peaks over 4000 m out of which Chimtarga is the highest (5485 m). There you will see glaciers on the slopes. On the second part of day we go back to camp Alaoudin. It will take 6 hours approximately 10 km.

Night: Camp

Time of walking: 6h

Difference in altitude: +910 m

Difference in altitude: -910 m


Day 6 Alaoudin lake – Koulikalon lake (2900 m):

We cross Koulikalon valley (3620m) to rise down to multi-colored lakes Kouli – Kalon placed at the foot of Mary peak. We put tents up. Route takes 7 hours. The altitude 1065 m. Approximate distance 12 km.

Night: Camp

Time of walking: 7h

Difference in altitude: +1065 m

Difference in altitude: -900 m


Day 7 Koulikalon – Tchoukrak (2420 m).

Today we cross pastures where tadjik shepherds keep its herds. Shepherds make for them primitive shelters that serve for them as summer “permanent residence”. We make our trip to Tchoukrak valley (3180 m) along the bank where we stay and camp. 3 hours of walking 7 km distance.

Night: Camp

Time of walking: 3h

Difference in altitude: +340 m

Difference in altitude: -820 m



Day 8 Tchoukrak – Zourmetch (1800 m)

Valley in 3240 m we join to valley to camp. Altitude is 1475 m. Distance 14 km.

Night: Camp

Time of walking: 6h 30 min

Difference in altitude: +855 m

Difference in altitude: -1475 m


Day 9 Zourmetch – Amshoud – Valange Shakhob (2200m).

The heart of high mountains just behind us. We will use shepherds roads. one path merges several villages. Cap in Valangi Shakhob. 5 hours of walking. Distance 16 km.

Night: Camp

Time of walking: 5h

Difference in altitude: +600 m

Difference in altitude: -200 m


Day 10 Valangui Shakhob – Mounora valley – Obi valley (3000 m).

Morning wake up from Mounora valley (3500 m) the name Mounora derives from the name of rock in shape of minaret. We go down to Obi valley on the way we meet shepherds. There we put tent. 6-7 hours of walking. Distance approximately 12 km.

Night: Camp

Time of walking: 6-7h

Difference in altitude: +1560 m

Difference in altitude: -760 m


Day 11 Obi-Safed-Tovasang valley – Margouzor (2100m)

We take over Tovasang valley (3300m) to rise down Morgouzor valley. We camp at the lake. It will take 6-7 hours. Distance 17 km.

Night: Camp

Time of walking: 6-7h

Difference in altitude: +740 m

Difference in altitude: -1640 m


Day 12 Margouzor – Rochnayi Royon (2140 m).

We start rising down along water stream, which makes 5 different colorful lakes. we have to cross several villages before coming in Rochnayi Royon where we leave our muleteers who accompanied us during trek then we got in the bus to get Penjikent. Overnight in local house. 4-5 of walking. Distance 14 km. 1:30 min by bus.

Night: Camp

Time of walking: 4-5h

Difference in altitude: +150 m

Difference in altitude: -100 m


Day 13 Penjikent-Bekobod –Tashkent (370 km-12h). Transfer to Bekobod via Khodjend city. Lunch. Short city tour in Penjikent. We cross Shahristan pass 3378 m. Then we cross border zone to enter Uzbekistan. Arrive in Tashkent. Check in hotel.

Day 14 Tashkent – Urgench – Khiva

Flight to Urgench. Transfer to Khiva. Overnight 2 days in a small hotel in Itchan Kala (internal city 17-19 century). Rest and walk in city to know it better. 30 km 45 min will take road time. Night in hotel.


Day 15 Khiva.

City tour in Khiva in the morning. Free time after lunch. Khiva one of the biggest cities out of oasis of Khorezm. The capital is Khanat since 17th it has been one of the biggest bazaar in central Asia. The city was prosperous until the beginning of 20th century. Today Itchan Kala is open air museum where you may delight of historical monuments: Kuhhana Ark (permanent residence of Hans (leaders) 16th century), mausoleum Pahalavan Mahmud (15 century), mosque and its minaret 11 century, Islom Khoja 19 century. The city is surrounded by embankment of pink clay, which proves that city appeared in middle ages. Overnight in hotel.


Day 16 Khiva – Bukhara (450km-8-9h)

In the morning, transfer to Bukhara on the road along Amudarya River across desert. We arrive in the evening and stay overnight in guesthouse. Now there is road building of motorway. The way will take 8-9 hours. (The road is under construction)


Day 17-18 Holy Bokhara

Bokhara is located in Zerafshan valley it has always kept its true attraction. Bukhara used to be one of the significant city of the Great Silk Road where merchants and businesspersons gathered to sell goods (carpets and jewellery). Bukhara was kick-start point of many religions like Zoroastrism later Islam. City has many Islamic schools, medreses and mosques, holy burial places. All historical monuments like Poikalan (15-16 centuries), Kosh, Oulougbek and Abdul-Aziz, Labi-House remind us about middle ages. Overnight in hotel.


Day 19 Bokhara – Samarkand (270km-4h)

Transfer from Bukhara to Samarkand (270km). We spend 2 nights in hotel. 4 hours of driving 270 km distance.

Day 20 Samarkand

The capital of Tamerlane Samarkand was the main city of ancient sogdians. The city used to be “desert” but now you may see: gardens, minarets, domes painted in blue color (here are represented all patterns of blue color), beautiful medrese, mosaic work in bright colors. Samarkand was very prosperous city as crossing of motorways from China, Siberia and West till the moment when Chingiz Han attacked the city and ruined it. In 22th century, Tamerlane resurrected city and made it its own empire.

Wonderful medreces are decorated with blinding faience all the architecture reflects spirit of those times. After famous mosque Khanum you celebrate glory of timurides in front of Shah-Zindeh mausoleum. Next to mausoleum Roukhabad, you will see grave of big conquerors, Tamerlane, his sons and grandsons. Overnight in hotel.



Day 21 Samarkand – Tashkent (290km

First part of clay free time. Lunch. After lunch we move to Tashkent by train. On the way we cross two regions of Uzbekistan: Djizak and SyrDarya, there you will see cotton fields made by Soviet people. We cross second large river Syrdarya (Yaksart named by the Greece). Dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 22 Tashkent – Europe



Price includes:

-       Meeting at the airport

-       Transport and driver

-       Guide service

-       Full board

-       Accommodation

-       Admission to museums

-       Visa support


Price does not include:

-       Travel insurance

-       Airtickets and taxes

-       Alchogol and mineral water



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